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  1. BigBuckHunter
    2 years ago
    Super Soft
    Perfect fit for my Nova and it is a 100% improvement from the factory one.
  2. Hunterdon
    8 years ago
    LimbSaver Recoil Reducer
    The LimbSaver Precision-Fit Recoil Pad fitted my Benelli Nova with no installation issues at all. You need to install the piece of plastic under the inside lip of the stock so you can attach the recoil pad. It is a tight fit and you will need small pliers to pull it into place. The recoil pad does offer relief from recoil and greater protection for the shooter. Even reduces the 3 1/2″ 12 gauge recoil. I would recommend this item if you want a recoil pad that absorbs the recoil better than what … read more you have. I had one installed on my Benelli Super Black Eagle several years ago and was pleased with the results. Much cheaper if you do it yourself and it is easy.
  3. Firefly
    8 years ago
    Soft Kick
    The instructions for mounting the pad are lacking. Once mounted, the fit is perfect and very tight. The recoil reduction is fantastic.
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  1. Dean
    9 months ago
    Otis AR Cleaning kit
    comes with everything you need to clean your gun. a small kit that I can fit into my bag. also comes with a Bone tool that helps clean carbon from the bolt and carrier group
  2. Jbarr038
    1 year ago
    AR cleaning kit
    Outstanding cleaning kit specifically for ARs with everything you need. Special carbon remover for bolt works great. Nice compact kit in a small case. Cool Offers List had the best price on the Internet and free shipping can’t beat that
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  1. Wingate
    9 months ago
    Great Bow, Great Value
    My 8 and 9-year-old boys were not total rookies with archery before this, but since my 9-year-old boy was wanting to try out for the archery team, I decided to splurge on the bow that is used in the NASP. It did cost more than the bargain bow I had bought a few years ago, but it has turned out to be a first-rate bow all around, and pretty well worth the extra cost. I would say that if you or someone else is seriously into archery, go ahead and get one. It handles and aims well. I did do some … read more checking around, and I didn’t find any lower-priced one anywhere else.
  2. manchu84
    2 years ago
    Great deal!
    My daughter shoots in the “National Archery in Schools Program” (NASP) and this bow is the one specified for archery in schools. The price is the best we found for this “kit”. She absolutely loves it and loves having her own bow to get used to. This is an excellent starter kit for any youth archery or for school programs. Highly recommended!
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  1. BigGreek38
    3 years ago
    Nice choke tube for a smooth bore
    I have been wanting to purchase one of these for a couple of years. But I was using my 30/06 for deer. I finally got around to buying one and I am really glad I did. I sighted this a couple of months back for my Remington 870 express and it shoots three slugs smaller than a pie plate at 100 yds. I would say real good accuracy for what I paid.
  2. SierraHunter
    5 months ago
    Rem choke
    Excellent choke for close-range bird hunting also good for buckshot or slugs on deer.
  3. Burizoon
    3 years ago
    great experience
    I received a new unopened original Remington choke. Fast shipping. satisfied. Per the manufacturer’s website, it is also usable with rifled slugs.
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  1. Davohunt
    1 year ago
    hunting belt shotshell
    Very good and good price and perfect for going to hunting
  2. Guned
    3 years ago
    Good shell belt
    I like this a lot it fills very well on me and I liked the price to
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    1 year ago
  2. sjbrn1
    1 year ago
    Just as advertised they stay tight!
    Very good product. I use them on the Allen carbon arrows and they do not loosen when fired into targets, time after time. Allen makes tips without the little rubber washer that has to be glue or loosen on every shot.kk Always use stay tight!
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  1. ItchBob
    2 years ago
    Sent wrong Knife. But hey THANKS!
    The knife is shown in the images on Walmarts site and description claiming Endura 4 Plain Edge Knife Black FRN Handles. I received the knife very quickly. But upon receiving I quickly noticed it was the wrong blade. The blade was the black titanium coated VG-10 combination edge with FRN handles. This being a much more expensive Endura 4 knife. The knife ordered is an Endura 4 No. C10PBK But received Endura 4 No. C10PSBBK. So hey thanks. Keep up the good work 🙂
  2. james65807
    2 months ago
    Thanks, Dec. 2015
    Sharp. Will shave finger ridges on the skin. Same model as ItchBob product review above. 🙂
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  1. Intlbroker
    1 year ago
    Excellent produce, price, and delivery
    I recommend it!
    1 year ago
    Works Perfectly
    This puts everything at your fingertips while holding the firearm securely in place. Makes cleaning a breeze.
  3. 1903a3shooter
    2 years ago
    Does exactly what I want it to. Good value.
    Good size for cleaning rifles. Like the storage tray. Well made, even though would have preferred made in the USA.
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  1. Kentcukywoodsman
    4 years ago
    the instructions on how to build this could use some work. But the end product is quite durable and reliable. Have used over 100 rounds of ammo and the reset worked every time! Just be sure to buy a bottle of bright orange spray paint to repaint the target after each use. Would highly recommend it!!!
  2. beelines
    5 years ago
    Great Little Target
    This is a wonderful contraption, easy to put together and fun to shoot, saves all the time and bother of nailing up paper targets, and does not wear out like a can. It gives instant gratification when you hit a target and a dab of spray paint gets it like new for your next shooting session.
  3. Henderson
    1 year ago
    Good Buy
    Great 22 target. Works very well. Bought it for my 8-year-old daughter for her new 22 Rascal. The only complaint I have was the direction on assembly.
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  5. IslandShopping
    6 years ago
    Unusual use!!
    I live in St. Croix and am using this to dive with!! I can see small details now that I didn’t know I was missing. I couldn’t find anything like it on the island and Cool Offers List shipped it right away!! Great buy and I knew you had the product because someone diving with us (from the states) had one.
  6. Nightbirds
    6 years ago
    Wonderful Help for Computer Reading
    I have 2 of these magnifiers and I use them every day for computer work and for reading books, my mail, etc. I keep one in my purse so I can read menus at restaurants and price tags. Once you have one of these you will wonder how you ever did without it!
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