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  1. Malathi
    3 weeks ago
    Fully meets expectations
    Does exactly what it says. Excellent value for money. Sturdy, robust & flexible.
  2. duped577
    2 weeks ago
    table tennis net & post.
    made well just make sure you put the post on correctly.
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  1. Fiifi
    8 years ago
    Outstanding Quality for price!
    This net looks great and I particularly like the clamps on the stands. They are wide enough to clamp both pieces of the tabletop together. The net is firm and easy to assemble.
    8 years ago
    I was very surprised about the quality and design of supports and net. This is the best one I have ever seen.
  3. Rasduke
    8 years ago
    The Real Deal
    This net is the real thing! Not like the junk that comes with a table or paddle kit. I bought it for a table that goes on to a pool table and it works great.
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  1. Paul03
    8 years ago
    Excellent value
    Viper Sterling cues are very good value for the price, so this is a great cue for a starting pool player.
  2. Cozybee
    8 years ago
    Really Good.
    I am a beginning pool player and so far this is the best stick I’ve had. It has a really good feel and is easy to grip. It’s such a good stick that my husband uses it more than me and he hates pink!
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  1. Anonymous
    2 years ago
    Excellent product!
    These chips are heavy and durable. Using a round Avery label, they can be personalized to fit various uses. They’re high-quality poker chips, and serve the purpose for which I needed them beautifully.
  2. Anon8765
    1 year ago
    Great for game pieces
    Worked perfectly for a custom game piece when coupled with printed 1 ¼ inch round inkjet labels and the same sized clear inkjet labels (to act as water and wear & tear protection for the underlying printed label). Good weight for the chips.
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  1. TXSilver
    4 years ago
    Great value
    I started doing research on dartboards and decided on this particular make/model based on features and price. After shopping availability and price I found Cool Offers List had the best deal on this board. I opted for shipping to home and not only did I get it quick, but I also received it the next day. Exceptional! The board itself is a very nice piece complete with mounting hardware and instructions. This is my first “High Quality” bristle board and I shouldn’t have waited this long to upgrade. The package … read more includes 6 darts, classic Britts vs yanks. They are good for getting started and will be fine for most players. For the price, this is probably the best deal going.
  2. CanadianTwin
    2 years ago
    Great board, provides hours of fun per week.
    This board is truly so far the best board used in the last 12 months. My only deception was that it didn’t provide the darts with design showed upon purchase which was meant to be a selling point for me as well since it was for a gift to a very patriotic person! Aside from that, totally satisfied with the purchase.
  3. Shooter100
    5 years ago
    Dartboard Bullseye
    A great dartboard for the money and when you include the darts outstanding value!
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  1. love faeries
    8 years ago
    This is a great product. My fiance had no problem putting it up and learning new dart games with this board has been so much fun. The chalkboard works, so it’s fun to have our scores up there (he mostly wins). It came to us earlier than we expected, which is a good thing. I only wish that it would’ve been in an espresso color to match everything else.
  2. HushpuppyLover
    8 years ago
    Fantastic. I was afraid of this may be looking “cheap” but it looks very professional. The darts are well quality made & very sharp. It hangs well, plays well & looks amazing. I had my husband install it, so I don’t know how hard that part was, but I know I didn’t hear him complain about doing it, so it must have been easy. My friends & I have had a great time on it already & I’ve only had it a week. It looks just like the picture. Nothing at all to complain about. Glad I bought it!
  3. themes
    2 years ago
    Great product!!!
    I have been playing darts for over 30 years at the local and national levels…I re-arranged my computer room to bring my dartboard for webcam matches…I was looking for a cabinet to mount my existing board on…Well…the cabinet is fashionable and regulation and as a bonus, this came with a regulation board too…Now for you top players, it is not a node or a raven but for the money, a great board to practice on…..
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  1. nanajudy222
    7 years ago
    Just what my grandson wanted. He was very pleased with it.
  2. rdlsel10
    6 years ago
    professional and very compact dart case
    I have been playing darts for about 20yrs now, and have had about 4 cases prior to this one. Each of them has been nice, yet wasn’t quite what I wanted. I had a larger case prior to this that held 5 sets of darts but I didn’t need one that big anymore. I wanted one that was smaller-more compact, that could hold all my supplies. The Casemaster Classic Dart Case is Excellent, the only thing I would change if I could be to have one deep pocket for storage behind all the flight pockets. Other … read more than that I am very happy with my purchase, it holds both sets of darts that I use most often. And it looks very professional, and it is very well put together and sturdy. I recommend it to anyone who is just looking for a small dart case, with a professional look.
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  1. Phillyrell
    3 months ago
    Realtree case
    Gave it as a Xmas present. They loved it
  2. TP73
    3 years ago
    Bought this and the matching pool stick for my husband & he LOVES it! This is a VERY good buy & it doesn’t look cheap-looking. Search Viper cue stick & you will find it to match the case.
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  1. LittleAl0629
    3 years ago
    excellent buy. good quality chips have the total weight, size & feel of an actual casino chip case looks great although being vinyl it may not wear too well. time will tell but it’s very elegant and impressive looking compared to other chipsets I’ve bought in the past I would highly recommend these
  2. WillieTheJ
    3 years ago
    Nice set
    This is a good set for small to medium-sized games. The chips have a nice feel and weight and come in the colors I was looking for. They have a bit of a metallic ring to them when riffled and stacks of twenty or so will wobble a bit. These are, after all, chips costing less than a dime each as opposed to premium clay chips that go for a buck or more a pop. The overall quality is very good and the colors are consistent from one to the next. The non-aluminum case is well-made and is holding up … read better so far. With 300 chips it is not overly cumbersome and has a nice look both outside and in. The included cards and dice are average at best. One of the five dice has the four sides opposite the five sides and the two sides opposite the three sides…pretty funny. I replaced the cards with nice decks and replaced the dice with a stick of five casino-quality ones, so now I’m good to go. This is a very nice set for the money, in my opinion. I ordered it online and it arrived at my nearby store in less than a week with no shipping charges. I’d recommend this method as the set is pretty heavy.
  3. gatman16
    6 months ago
    Poker Chips
    Nice quality & good value chips & case
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  5. Waddell
    4 months ago
    very nice table for the money
    Very nice table for the money
  6. NinaJYP
    4 months ago
    great buy
    This item is great, I’m glad I bought it. The only problem my husband had it the tip of the stick came off… Other than that it’s great
  7. 4real
    4 months ago
    No Instructions
    Once I contacted the manufacturer (EastPoint) and was e-mailed the instructions, I was able to assemble the table. Prior to purchasing the table, I read the comment made by another consumer that the table does not come with assembly instructions. I was optimistic thinking that it may have been an isolated event until mine came without instructions. Overall, the table is beautiful.
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